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Last Updated on 23/03/2017
IOB-CD Super

IOB-CD Super, a current account just loaded with lot of benefits. You maintain an average daily balance of Rs.5.00 lakh over the last 3 months and avail the concessions. Really super.



Proprietary concern, Partnership firm, HUF, Limited companies, corporations, SMEs, Trusts, Societies, clubs, Association, Local Bodies, Govt. Departments subject to RBI directives


The average daily balance in the account over the last three months should not be less than Rs.5 lac.



  • Internet banking (E see banking). 
  • Anywhere Banking 
  • Transfer of funds thro' NEFT free. 
  • Personal Accident insurance covers of Rs. Five Lakhs free of cost. 
  • Waiver of Demat account opening charges. 

  • International Debit Card without charges to all employees and owners. 
  • Online Tax payment facility. 

  • Customised Multi city cheques issued at MICR centres free. 
  • Name printed cheque books  free of cost. 
  • Issue of Demand drafts @ 50% concession. 
  • Folio charges free.

  • Outstation cheque collection charges @ 50% concession. 
  • Transfer of funds thro' RTGS @ 50% concession. 
  • Utility Bills payment facility. 


For any further details please feel free to contact our nearest Branch